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What are the difficulties of doing the car wash business

do car wash business, do not need a store, operating costs are smaller, lower fees, but also more attractive to the owner, looks like a very good idea of entrepreneurship in the current favored by a lot of people. However, there are not many people who really rely on such a business to get rich, which naturally involves the difficulties faced by such a business. So, what are the difficulties to do the car wash business?

1, technical difficulty, outdoor car wash shop N times harder than the car

temperature. Hot summer, water spray to instantly evaporate, leaving water marks to wipe, wash water outside in winter, just spray up, a thin layer of ice is formed, it can not continue to rub, and then cloth will freeze, water will freeze, frozen hard, sole gloves. Freeze breaking. In addition, I estimate that there are not a few car wash master is willing to work in the summer, winter outdoor work, I am very curious, which recruit people, and how much money should be paid? read more

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How to avoid the risk of joining the education industry

risk exists in any industry, even in recent years, the fire industry has a lot of risk, so want to develop in the education industry for a long time to learn how to avoid risks. There are more and more forms of education and training institutions to join, but did not meet the training needs of people to join the investment in education institutions can change the face of poverty and backwardness of the people education and training investment franchise should pay attention to the risk of investment in education project, to master a certain industry experience and professional knowledge, the following details for your.

"left institutions don’t have much time, or in three or four years listed, or will not go up." "We plan to market in two to three years!" Nanjing, a primary and secondary school training institutions responsible person said confidently that they have made a number of venture capital investment, is now rapidly expanding the scale of major cities nationwide. Right now, the education and training institutions have become the darling of the capital market, more and more money into this emerging market. But in this noisy feast, there is also a hint of worry.

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Young entrepreneurs to open what shop to make money

now in the society, there are a lot of young people have begun to prepare for the tremendous pressure of life because at the same time in the early stage of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial young people, is important to choose a suitable project, now in the society which is suitable for young people to choose the project.

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Shop name can not be too innovative

many people felt when to shop name, if the name is more novel, so the shop names can make consumers more easy to remember, so, when the shop name is the pursuit of new in order to be different, because of this, the market will have a variety of novel 100 strange names, and even some don’t look right. Therefore, the shop name can not be too innovative.

now people shop name, the pursuit of innovative ideas. But some names always make people feel strange, for example, there is a barber shop called "people’s court", clothing store called "clothing soliciting", as well as fashion hotel called "sleep bureau" and so on. These names are literally nothing, but read the homonym will always cause ambiguity, then, such a shop name is consistent with the relevant provisions? read more

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Wang Dongde sell plum cake sell good fortune

in the case of your original craft, you will learn another craft, and then leave home to start a business? More importantly, this time you are old, you have to bear the risk of a very large business, which is a lot of people are afraid to try. However, Wang Dongde, the hero of the novel, has done it, and has created his own fortune.

king of the old man is a famous King of the Northeast barbecue last year, he did ten years of barbecue, but changed the line, leaving his hometown in Heilongjiang, his family moved to a strange city of Ji’nan. But the old man’s business was only two months old, and the sales were over a thousand times. Wang old man that music, come to Ji’nan is right. Wang old man to sell what is it? Why did he come to Ji’nan? The original selling plum cake is a very profitable industry, since he learned that the profitable business, he immediately moved up a big idea. read more

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Sina micro blog listed the major media to see

believe that playing micro-blog’s friends have found, recently became a member of their own inexplicable. In fact, this is the listing of sina benefits. Sina micro-blog on Thursday began trading on the Nasdaq stock market, listed on the first day rose 19%. Micro-blog rose driven by the linkage of the network stocks rose, the parent company Sina rose more than 6%, Youku potatoes rose by 3%, everyone online rose by 3%.

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Xiaobian teach you to open a successful weapon cleaning shop

now people’s living conditions are good, pay more attention to their own health and overall image, dental health has become a hot industry. Therefore, Bay special whitening care teeth "scaling shop" big market. So, how to successfully open a clean shop? Xiaobian this is about you.

, a scheme of

1, a shop 1015 square meters of the dressing room, the monthly rent of 8001000 yuan, store decoration can be simply himself ".

2, a permit: the Ministry of health has been clearly defined, but does not belong to the category of a beauty, which belongs to the medical category. Therefore, in the process of opening the formalities, in addition to health permits and business licenses, but also for medical institutions practicing license. read more

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What is the name of the brand

a good name, not only to impress people, but also for the development of the company has a very big help, so that a good name is a very important thing. Therefore, the product to open the market to occupy the market, not only the requirements of high quality, but also can not ignore the name, one is in line with the characteristic of the products, but also with the psychological needs of consumers name, will undoubtedly enhance the product reputation and competitiveness. The following small series to introduce the brand name method! read more

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Shop to do business customers need to nurture


said the shop to do business are directed to the goal of making money, but if a strength in just from the customer’s money, but not what the actual customers enjoy preferential, under the current competitive background, I am afraid it is difficult to guarantee the popular business. So, do business naturally need to feed back customers.

often go to a small clean and elegant small restaurant for dinner. In addition to the value of the hotel’s environment, the store’s dishes are also remarkable, each has its own characteristics. In order to win more customers, this hotel in addition to continuously improve food quality and service standards, has also taken a special policy to the store to eat to reach a certain number or amount, every October to the owner of the phone, let the customer to the store to eat for free. read more

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Health care in Hefei how to join the brand stronger and stronger

we all know, choose a good health to join the brand, can bring a new development direction for people, because modern people are very important to bring health care efficacy, hope that their good health and longevity.

in Hefei health care franchise stores need to have a good brand, which will be more conducive to your business. Of course we are considering joining a brand, but also pay attention to the future of the degree of risk, we choose a well-known brand after, also need to pay attention to is the good management methods, so as to make your brand as soon as possible into the business model to. read more